Rinca One Day Tours

Rinca Island is one of the main islands of Komodo National Park. Famous for some of the world’s best dive sites and their popular inhabitant – the Komodo dragon – the area attracts thousands of tourists each year. Rinca Island is one of the most visited place too in Komodo National Park, even though it is smaller than Komodo Island where the Komodo dragons can also be found. This island is a good alternative to crowded Komodo Island and takes only 2,5 hours from Labuan bajo.


Pick up and directly transfer to Labuan bajo harbor, sail to Rinca island while enjoy sunrise and small islands along the way. Arrive in Rinca Island loh buaya bay, register to at Komodo National Park Range office, accompany with Komodo ranger, walk to Wae Wull to search for Komodo Dragons which can grow up to 03 meter in length and over 150 Kg in weight. ALso search for other wildlife such as, Timorensis Deer, Wild Boars, Wild Horses, Wild Water Buffaloes, Crab Eating Macaques and Birds. Return to your boat and sail to Kelor island for Snorkeling. Lunch on your boat or on the beach of kelor Island, After lunch, enjoy swimming, snorkeling or just beach combing at Kambing island and explore the islands. Return to your boat and sail back to Labuan Bajo. Arrive in Labuan Bajo and transfer back to your hotel.



What to bring: